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We offer different calendar types for business marketing needs all year round: Wall Calendars, Table Calendars and Imitation Rattan Calendars. You may be familiar with wall calendars as they are the kind used by most; they display one month at a time. Wall Calendars are mode of multiple pages bound together using wire-o or saddle stitch binding. They usually have a photo or image above the calendar days to increase its appeal.

If you want people to be reminded of your brand using calendar prints but don't like having multiple pages, then the imitation rattan calendar is a more cost-effective solution. Use imitation rattan calendars to feature attractive designs related to your business to help your brand stand out even more. You may highlight your own events alongside the usual holidays and include information for your promos while you're at it.

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Web Design

As statistics shows, around 69% of small businesses in North Carolina do not have a website, but around 97% of consumers look online for local products and services. That's why you will definitely need a website for your business to boost sales. With a website, you as a business owner, could share a large number of information with your potential customers all round the country.

With our web design team, you could easily set up any website just right on your fingertip based on your business needs. We also apply the latest web technolgy and techniques in any of our web design prototypes, such as HTML5, CSS3 and even mobile compatibility. Besides all these, our customer service would provide you with 24-hour support with all kinds of web services, such as SEO (search engine optimization), to let more audiences reach your site in different ways.

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It's true that magnets can be used to fasten your little girl's A+ test on the refrigerator door and of course, to stick the list of important numbers where you can see them. But have you also considered actually using card magnets to display your business information and contact numbers? Considering how many times you or your audiences might open the refrigerator door or pass by the office bulletin board in a single day, a card magnet can be a marketing godsend.

Aside from advertising your services and products on card magnets, we also provide our customers with different viarieties of choices, such as keychains, pens and so on. They are also great as giveaways for special events. You can print out calendars and photos on card magnets, keychains, or pens, making them even more useful and memorable.

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